BREAKING: Nigerian army graduates 601 former Boko Haram insurgents in Gombe
About 601 deradicalised ex Boko Haram fighters have graduated at the DRR camp in Mallam Sidi, Gombe state. This was disclosed by Major General Bamidele Shafa.

BREAKING: 601 ex Boko Haram insurgents graduate (photos)

601 ex-Boko Haram members who underwent rehabilitation training recently graduated - 

Coordinator of Operation Safe Corridor, Brigadier Bamidele Shafa, said the former insurgents graduated at the DRR camp in Gombe - Shafa noted that graduates were made up of 592 Nigerians while 14 are foreign nationals

This was disclosed by Major General Bamidele Shafa, the Coordinator of Operation Safe Corridor, on Saturday, July 25. 

The Nation reports that the batch 4 members arrived at the camp back in November and December 2019.

 The former fighters comprise of 592 Nigerians from 10 states and 14 foreign nationals from Cameroon, Chad, and Niger.

Unfortunately, three out of this number died of health complications while one was referred to the Neuro-psychiatric Hospital in Maiduguri for further medical treatment.

Former Boko Haram combatants graduate at DRR camp in Gombe. Photo Credit: The Nation/UGC Source: UGC The programme coordinator went on to note that one was withdrawn on disciplinary ground and transferred for re-categorization and prosecution. “On arrival at the camp, the clients went through documentation processes to obtain vital background information after which they were subjected to comprehensive medical screening to determine their health status,” he said. It would be recalled that the military had in 2016 launched Operation Safe Corridor, an initiative for the deradicalisation and rehabilitation of ex-Boko Haram members with the aim of reintegrating repentant insurgents into society.

According to a report by TheCable, in July, 602 ex-Boko Haram members were said to have completed a de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme. “From day one, Maiduguri people have never liked the idea of reintegrating the terrorists back to the community. The reason is simple. It means they are likely to come in contact with people who slaughtered members of their family and friends in their presence and they are expected not to think about it?” one of the residents was quoted to have said. 



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