“Captain Jamil is no longer a pilot at Azman Air” – Airline dissociates self from son of former IGP after he said “the punishment for blasphemy is death”
Azman Airline has distanced itself from son of former IGP, Captain Jamil Abubakar following a tweet he sent out in the wake of the killing of a Christian student by her Muslim counterparts for alleged blasphemy in Sokoto.


The Christian female student, Deborah Samuel was flogged and stoned to death before she was burnt with tyres on Thursday, May 12th.

Her crime was making a statement on her class WhatsApp group which her Muslim colleagues considered to be blasphemous to the Prophet.

Although he has since deleted the tweet after it sparked outrage on the microblogging platform, Twitter users mentioned Azman Air as his employer and called on the Airline to take action.

Azman Air then revealed that he is no longer their pilot and last worked with them in Dec 2019. The Airline also said it will not take responsibility for the comment of a former staff.

Their tweet reads,

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